Saturday, October 25, 2008

King Pin

Well, i'm back to bowling again! I think it has been about 5 yrs since i've gone bowling on a consistent basis. I think i'm gonna put Ernie McCracken (Big Ern) as my nickname this week for old-time sake. It has been fun though! One of my friends/co-worker thought a few months back that it would be fun to go bowling since we both had our own equipment. We finally did it and it has been a blast. I've been sporting the Aligator skin bowling shoes...Burgandy & Gold YEAH!!!! They are about a size to small, so it is kind of uncomfortable. However, my wife being so sweet, encouraged me to by some new shoes on EBay. Boy and I glad I have a wife like her around. I almost paid $120 for my shoes, but she found them on E-Bay brand new for $65. (Pics to come) Well, I should be going now. I'll let ya'll know what my average is when it is respectable...LOL

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